Narhar Kurundkar Pratisthan Proposed Building for  NKASRC
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Narhar Kurundkar Pratishthan (Narhar Kurundkar Trust) was established in the year 2010 under the provision of Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 with registration number 1562/2010. The settlor of this trust is Justice Shree. Narendra Chapalgaonkar(Ret.) with eleven prominent citizens from Maharashtra. The trustees include writers, social activists, IAS officers; the complete list is available here.

One of the objectives of the trust is to create a think tank, which will serve as a resource center for contemporary analyst, social activist and politicians in India. (The detailed document of objectives of Trust can be made available on request). To meet this objective, trustees decided to engage in establishing an institute for higher studies and research which will conduct activities and programs at the local, national and international level.

The Trustees have formed joint venture with Nanded Education Society (NES) with a memorandum of understanding to establish Narhar Kurundkar Advanced Studies And Research Center (NKASRC). Institute has already started functioning in a building provided by “NES” and will shift to new building very soon. “NES”has allocated 1.5 acres of land for this purpose in the Peoples College Campus and Govt. of Maharashtra will construct the building, which will be a memorial of late Prof. Narhar Kurundkar. “NKASRC” will provide a unique and all inclusive platform to scholars and citizens to conduct advanced studies and research in the area of literature, arts, sociology and other subjects. For this purpose “NKASRC” will use existing university structure but not limit itself of established frame work. This center will also conduct programs to develop group of talented young social scientist from young teachers in universities and scholars from other research organizations. An academic council, which constitutes scholars and subject experts from respective field, has agreed to guide these research scholars. We firmly believe, this will create network of expert/guide and research student with no restriction to their geographic location.

NKASRC”also understands the need of preliminary workshops for young researchers on research methodology, interdisciplinary research, field work, intellectual support in terms of articles, lectures on theoretical frameworks. “NKASRC” will facilitate discussion and dissemination of research findings and exchange of ideas & information among academicians, policy makers by conducting seminars, workshops and study groups.

The research work will be shared by undertaking publications, journals and books. A large-scale financial investment is required to meet these objectives as well as to provide internet, up to date library facility, research ambience and so on. The research center will not get any government of non-government grant. “NKASRC” will work towards getting self-reliance in five years time span. In the meantime, it will have to depend upon generous and conscientious donors. (Appeal)

In this manner we hope to supplement the resources provided by the traditional university system in addressing emerging issues.


This books deals with critical examination of Marathi Novel. This is accepted as epok making book by Marathi critics. This book takes review of currents and mile stones in Marathi novel published first from 1841 upto 1971.


This book dealt with topics related to Aesthetics, Literary theory, and literary criticism. This includes critical examination on Mr B S Mardhekar’s critical writings. Also, includes an unique article on Ras, which is the first historical analysis of “Bharata’s Ras” theory.