Introduction of Book 


 धार आणि काठ
"DHAR ANI KATH" The stream and its banks is a monumental work of late Narhar Kurundkar.

It is a review of the trends exhibited by Marathi novel since its inception in the middle of 19th century.

In the foreword written to this book, Kurundkar explains how the concept evolved and matured over a period of twenty long years.

Our minds boggle at the thought that Kurundkar must have read with care over a thousand novels written over a span of more than hundred years and tried to identify those which were trend setters.

He acknowledges the credit due to his predecessors, one Mr K. B. Marathe was the first person , who in the year 1972 stressed the need for portraying reality in literature. Thus Kurundkar not only read the novels but their criticism over a span of hundred years. Starting from "Yamuna Paryatan" the first Marathi novel (published in 1857) Kurundkar mentions "Muktamala" (1861), "Mochangad" (1871), to highlight the romanticism of the early Marathi novels. Then he mentions H.N.Apte as the most successful novelist of 19th century. Later in the text he evaluates major novelist of 20th century and highlights their limitations.

The trend setter novels selected by Kurundkar are

इंदू काळे व सरला भोळे (वामन मल्हार जोशी) ब्राम्हणकन्या (केतकर) अखेरचे बंड ( ना. सी. फडके ) ययाती (वी.स. खांडेकर) चंदनवाडी ( ग.त्र्य. माडखोलकर ) बळी (विभावरी शिरुरकर ) रात्रीचा दिवस (बा. सी. मर्ढेकर) रणांगण (विश्राम बेडेकर) गारंबीचा बापू (श्री. ना. पेंडसे) स्वामी (रणजीत देसाई) सावित्री ( पु. शी. रेगे) कोसला (भालचंद्र नेमाडे ) कोंडूरा ( चिं. त्र्य. खानोलकर)

"DHAR ANI KATH" was published in 1971. Now, forty years later, there is still no other comparable work published.

Sadly, the review of progress (if any) of Marathi novel over last forty years has not been taken comprehensively!


This books deals with critical examination of Marathi Novel. This is accepted as epok making book by Marathi critics. This book takes review of currents and mile stones in Marathi novel published first from 1841 upto 1971.


This book dealt with topics related to Aesthetics, Literary theory, and literary criticism. This includes critical examination on Mr B S Mardhekar’s critical writings. Also, includes an unique article on Ras, which is the first historical analysis of “Bharata’s Ras” theory.